McKhaos Magick is a collaboration between Jeannie and Alexander McKhaos, a husband and wife team of metaphysicists and occultists whose knowledge and skills cover an incredibly wide range of studies, practices and traditions.

Our goal is to bring you custom services suited for the needs of an immense variety of metaphysical and occult practitioners embracing many esoteric traditions. We are constantly looking to provide services we believe will inspire and satisfy your motivation towards the depths or heights you desire to aspire.

We thank you for joining us on this journey and we appreciate your support and patronage now and in the future.

We are open to feedback for things you may desire to see from us. Feel free to contact us at

Alexander McKhaos

I am well versed in western ceremonial magic, the Goetia, sigil magick, rune magick, and shamanistic practices of several cultures. I specialize in the Goetia, rune and sigil magick, hexes and curses, protection magick and divination. I design custom personal rituals, perform custom castings, create bindrunes and custom sigils, cast or remove hexes/curses, create fetishes for power or protection, or perform divinations to answer your burning questions on whatever topic you seek clarity. If you want to increase your personal power, curse someone, banish evil (either person or spirit) or set that evil upon those whom would oppose you, I can personalize something for you.

When I am not working , I am husband to my incredible wife and father to our indestructible son. I appreciate good bourbon and good cigars in the presence of good company. I also enjoy and indulge in the dorky side of life. My personal practice has garnered the boons of success that I enjoy daily and I can contribute to your acquisition as well.

Jeannie McKhaos

I have been studying holistic healing, metaphysics, and systems of magick since the early-1990's. I am certified in several different holistic therapies and hold degrees as a Holistic Health Practitioner and Metaphysical Practitioner. I continue to take courses and study independently to further my knowledge and practice. You only stop growing when you think there's nothing left to learn.

In addition to the shop and my practice, I am Wife to my amazing husband and Mommy to a daughter and a son born 20 years apart. Our son was diagnosed with autism just before his second birthday. I am also on the spectrum so I have a unique advantage over other parents in that I have personal firsthand knowledge of what it is like to be an autistic child. I am a mid-century vintage fan. My favorite color is pink. I love to bake and have a collection of vintage Pyrex and Corelle dishes. I love to collect old recipes and have tried out a few. I am a big history buff making frequent use of our PBS Passport membership. I just enjoy making and creating and exploring new skills in general.